New Voter ID Law in Pennsylvania

New Voter ID Law in Pennsylvania -

This is a copy of an email I received.  I know they did pass the law but I’m unsure as to how strict they are really going to be at the polls (if this doesn’t disenfranchise voters, I don’t know what does):

Even if you have voted all your life, this year is DIFFERENT.
The new Pa voter ID law makes it different.  Even if you have a valid ( not expired ) driver’s license, you must check your name on the voter rolls.
GO TO    votesPA.   It is the website you need.  Make your way through it until you get a page to put your “FIRST AND LAST NAME IN THE BOX.  Then check to see what name comes up for your registration.
Here’s where you can get caught!  If no middle name or initial comes up, check the name on the driver’s license.  If they are not the same, YOU NEED TO DO MORE TO CORRECT THIS IMMEDIATELY.
Continue through the site until there is a drop down that gives you options to register.  You want to go to CHANGE OF NAME.  Go to that screen and print the page.  Fill it out; keep a copy with a date on it; mail to Allegheny County  address on the site.
Eventhough you have until Oct 9th to register, DO NOT DELAYbecause the county office will be swamped!
1)  A driver’s license with an expiration date
2)  Any other photo ID that has an expiration date
3)  The name on the ID must match exactly with the name in the register’s office, so double check.  The site doesn’t have a slot for a middle initial or name, so that can trick you up! *
4)  If you no longer have a license and it expired after 1990, Penn Dot may still have your record, so call PennDot’s Customer Car center at 800-932-4600 to find out.  Supposedly to re-issue a non driver’s photo ID is free, but some have been charged $13.50.
* In my case, the voter rolls showed my name as Linda Daniels and my driver’s license is Linda J. Daniels. T he names must be identical or the poll worker cannot certify your ballot!  They must sign an affidavit for each voter that ID is correct or they face fines or perjury charges.  They cannot let you vote like in May by sight and knowing who you are. I sent in a form to change the name on the voter rolls to match the driver’s license.  That is the easiest way.
If you’ve never had a driver’s license, then you will need a Social Security Card ( make sure it has the right name on it )
a RAISED SEAL Birth Certificate if born outside Pa.

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