First-time Buyers

To make a long story short:  It is nearly always FREE to use a buyer’s-agent to help find a home, negotiate the best price and have an advisor readily available to make sure you are not getting in over your head.

Need a quality Home Inspector referral?  That’s what we’re here for.

Need a great electrician to deal with that electrical issue that you didn’t expect?  No problem.

Have no idea what the difference is between an FHA and a Conventional loan?  We know.

Stop wasting your time trying to “reinvent the wheel” and running your own property searches on websites that ARE NOT up-to-date.  My team has closed over 250 transactions in the last 2 years.  Approximately half of those transactions were first-time buyers just like you.  Call us for a FREE, no-obligation meeting.  We can review your situation and put you on track to be a homeowner in a time-frame that works for you!

We’ve saved buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars in sale prices, repair costs and more. We’re looking forward to doing the same for you and putting you in perfect home!

Dustin Nulf, CEO of The Dustin Nulf Team

The Dustin Nulf Team

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